Kennedy Summers was the 2014 Playboy Playmate of the Year, and she is well on her way to using her $100,000 prize money to finish medical school to become a plastic surgeon. But the motivation for this amazingly gorgeous blonde bombshell to become a plastic surgeon will melt your heart.

"I got caught in a gas explosion when I was going to medical school in the Caribbean," Kennedy explained. "I was leaning over the stove when the burner exploded, leaving second degree burns all over my face, hands, and arms. I had blisters the size of tangerines on both of my cheeks, which immediately popped; my eyebrows, lips, hair, and lashes on one eye were almost totally singed off; and I had another huge blister on the end of my nose that was so bad, I thought a piece of it would be missing when it finally healed. I was surprised that the fire didn't hurt, but I'll never forget feeling the pressure of the flames still burning my skin. I was hitting myself all over my head to put out the fire, completely convinced that I would look in the mirror and see nothing but bone where I used to have skin. I ran into the bathroom and put my head in cold water to stop my skin from continuing to cook, grabbed a wet towel, and had friends take me to the hospital while I held it on my face. At that point, I just remember being terrified that I would look like Two Face from Batman for the rest of my life. I thank God everyday that I still have a face at all--to even be able to go in public without having horrific scars is such a blessing. So many people get caught in these kinds of freak accidents and don't even survive, let alone get the chance to lead normal lives again. Exactly two years after the accident, though, I still have some scars. They're not bad, and you wouldn't notice them if I don't point them out, but, while I'm incredibly thankful, I still hate to be reminded of that event everyday when I look in the mirror."

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