You know all those stories about hot female teachers who have sex with their underage male students? And how blogs (like ours) always lament that back in our day, no teachers were that hot? And if they were that hot, they weren't having sex with us or our friends?

Well, be prepared for the most sordid tale we've ever heard. And yes, the teacher, a female, is hot AF.

This particular former Houston, Texas middle school teacher has been arrested after she admitted to investigators that she was in love with one of her students and had sex with him “on almost a daily basis” starting when he was just 13 years old.

Alexandria Vera, 24, turned herself in on charges that she sexually abused the boy, who is now 14, while carrying on a relationship with him for nearly five months. Vera admitted to investigators that she became pregnant during the fling, according to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

Vera posted $100,000 bond and repeatedly ignored reporters' questions as she left the Montgomery County courthouse on Wednesday afternoon. 

The accused sex offender allegedly began seeing the boy in September of last year, after he was a summer school student in her 8th grade English class at Stovall Middle School, court documents say.

The flirtation began when the teen asked Vera for her Instagram handle so that they could follow each other on the photo-sharing app.

Vera initially refused the request but then messaged the boy on Instagram when he didn’t show up to class, the disgraced former teacher told an Aldine Independent School District campus officer last month when he questioned her about the unseemly relationship.

The inappropriate rapport escalated after they exchanged phone numbers and started spending time with each other outside of school, court papers allege.

The boy allegedly stayed the night at Vera’s house frequently and they would have sex with each other nearly every day, according to court documents.

Neighbors told the Houston Chronicle that Vera would introduce him as her little brother when they saw him with her at the house.

When an investigator with the school district’s police department confronted her about the relationship, she told officials the two were in love and the boy’s parents were accepting of their relationship.

Vera was put on administrative leave immediately following the April interview in which she candidly admitted to the relationship, a statement from the school said.

"Aldine ISD has been made aware that charges have been filed against a former Stovall Middle School teacher involved in inappropriate behavior with a male student," a release from the school read.

Vera said she met the boy’s parents at a school open house and was later introduced to his family as the teen’s girlfriend, court papers say.

When Vera became pregnant with the boy’s baby, the family “were very supportive and excited about the baby,” according to court documents.

Vera, who also has a 4-year-old daughter, later had an abortion when Children’s Protective Services came to the school to question her about the relationship.

The former teacher told investigators that she denied the relationship and the pregnancy to CPS officials.

The Aldine Independent School District police department handed over the investigation to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, who were initially unable to find Vera at her home.

Fucked up, right?

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