Blac Chyna just left fiancé Rob Kardashian, taking their infant baby Dream along with her. That happened yesterday. A lot can happen in a day. Blac Chyna just booked her first post-baby club appearance at the Kardashian hot spot, 1OAK in Las Vegas, according to TMZ. In the promo pic, she uses her own name as she’s reportedly been feuding with Rob’s family over the trademark of their famous name. Drama between Chyna and Rob seems to be at an all-time high, after he took to Snapchat earlier today, telling everyone his side of the sad story.

Blac Chyna’s choice of venue for her first post-baby gig is very interesting, since Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian celebrated Scott Disick‘s birthday party there this year. Kris Jenner also served as the host for her star-studded 59th birthday party there. Blac Chyna's original Instagram account was hacked, and the perpetrator was releasing some pretty compromising texts that were allegedly from Chyna.

“When I get married 7-7-17, I will just trademark it then,” Chyna allegedly wrote to her lawyer about the Kardashian name on December 7th.  “But fuck it. I’m not gonna ask Kris. Is it easier when I’m married [?]” she wrote. Shortly before these texts were released, Chyna announced that her original Instagram account was hacked, after someone revealed her alleged plan to leave Rob. However, more messages continue to be released from her new account without her response.

So .. publicity stunt to drive ratings? Or is this a true case of Popwrecked?

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