Our inside guy at Rick's Cabaret in New York, the insanely hard working Joe Diamond tipped us off to a stunning brunette named Kendra, she of the Bootylicious dancer sect. And this cutie with a booty wants to share her assets with the Jolly Fat Man himself!

"I've always had a thing for mature cuddly men," purrs Kendra. "My fantasy is to snuggle with Santa in front of a fire at the North Pole. But I'll settle for giving him a lap dance any time he wants at Rick's Cabaret."

After seeing her steamy pics, Saint Nick might find it hard to resist.

"I've got a magical night all planned out for Santa and me," says Kendra. "We'll start with a romantic dinner in the Rick's Cabaret second floor Steakhouse specially prepared by Executive Chef Franklin Edwards. During appetizers, my hot stripper friends will put on an amazing show. Then I'm going to give Santa a dance that he'll never forget as long as he lives." 

Kendra assures us "This is a sincere invitation. Please come, Santa! You know our address (50 West 33rd Street). You probably want a few days off after delivering all those toys. Then let's pick a night. I can't wait!"

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