OK, we need to start off with a public apology. The upscale gentleman's club Rick's Cabaret New York probably hates us right now, since they have spent millions of dollars to be labeled an "upscale gentleman's club" instead of a "strip club." But putting that in a headline is such a headache, so I'm offering a public apology to the club, a true upscale gentleman's club, for calling them a "strip club."

Now, with that out of the way, let's discuss WTF is going on there, because it's pretty freakin' hot!

From February 21st through February 28th, culminating on Fat Tuesday, the club will be decorated in the New Orleans' French Quarter style.  That means the establishment will have its own version of bead tossing from its 2nd Floor VIP Balcony and 3rd Floor Luxury Sky Boxes every night at midnight.

"Bead tossing is the part of Mardi Gras I love the most and now we have it," gushed Rick's Cabaret NYC girl Scarlett. "Throw some beads on me. Ha ha!" 

Guests will be offered specialty drinks such as the "Hurricane" by the sexy staff clad in a colorful array of Mardi Gras themed outfits. 

Also, Rick's Cabaret's Steakhouse's award winning Chef Franklin Edwards is preparing a couple of special delicacies for Mardi Gras Week. I have to tell you, I have eaten at the steakhouse, and the chef really is award winning. The food really is that good. 

"I can't wait to taste them," purred Rick's Cabaret NYC girl Lindsay. I thought the same thing when I saw Lindsay in person, but that's a completely different subject.

Rick's Cabaret New York is known for its beautiful exotic dancers, warm hospitality, and the best in VIP services. It is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan across from the Empire State Building and just one block away from Madison Square Garden. So after the game, you simply walk on over, and have the time of your life, New Orleans style!

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