The title of our story tonight is "Rihanna Gives Chris Brown Her Hot Poppin' Booty," but it might as well be "Rihanna has a hot ass, and she shares it with the dude who beat dat ass, and we don't mean that in sexual way."
For those of you with daughters who worship this stupid frickin' bitch, turn 'em on to Alicia Keys. Or even Madonna. The Material Girl fought back against Sean Penn. She didn't get smacked up, and then offer him her labia again.
In the photo posted to her Instagram, Rihanna can be seen kissing Brown's head with her arms wrapped around his neck. "I don't wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!" reads the caption which could either referr to the show Brown performed that evening or the female fan he jumped after it (I'm kidding, I'm kidding)

This is not the first intimate photo Rihanna has posted of Brown. On Saturday, she shared a photo of Brown lying in her bed, shirtless leaving the rest of us to question her sanity. Maybe she just LIKES busted lips?

Rihanna and Brown are more than likely back together, having recently celebrated Thanksgiving in Berlin and bought matching Rolexes. Use it bitch! IT'S TIME TO LEAVE!

In a recent interview with Power 106 radio host Big Boy, Brown said that they are "working on their friendship," which has blossomed since the singer broke it off with model Karrueche Tran.

"As far as our personal life, I think people just got to give it a chance -- or not even give it a chance, but shut the hell up," Brown told Power 106 of his relationship with Rihanna. "It's me. At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain't going to change nothing I'm doing."

Yep. Chris Brown gon' do what Chris Brown gon' do. And if dat mean homie gon' be bustin some bitches knee caps in? Dat what Chris Brown gon' do!

Do you Chris, just let me do Rihanna, maybe if you blacken her eye bad enough she won't be able to tell I'm an overweight vlogger with an obsession for popwrecked celebrities.

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